Who/What is Servergames4all?

Servergames4all is a South African based game server provider.  A few South Africans creating gaming possibilities.

Why Do We Create Gaming Possibilities and Provide Game Hosting?

•  Firstly, creating gaming on most platforms.

•  Secondly, bringing South African gaming together with the rest of the world.

•  Thirdly, in the future enhancing South African competive gaming throughout most games.

What We Want to Achieve...

•  Create / enhance gaming experience at an affordable rate for any / all needs

•  Supply the best customer service together with smooth fun gaming experiences and connection

•  Be able to do Tournament hosting / participation for most games

Who Are We at Servergames4all?

A few gaming enthusiasts that got together with the idea of creating gaming possibilities for everyone.  A once small team now grown into a large enterprice and continuing to grow by the day.